About Us


A range of medical procedures which are generally done in a hospital are made possible at home by the highly skilled staff. Regular training of the staff by the expert professionals and evaluation of the care results are the basis of high client satisfaction for us.

Our specialized and professional medical team of Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists & Assistants provide healthy assistive care for all types of patients in the living comfort of your home. All our home care staff is highly skilled and backed by 24×7 emergency support by a NABH accredited hospital i.e. Mukat Hospital.

About Mukat Home Care

We Provide Essential Services For Home Care

With a vision to provide professional medical services in the living comfort of your home to the members of society who need help to perform their activities of daily living and recover from ailing conditions to maintain safe & independent lifestyle, Mukat constituted a team of dedicated and skilled staff of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Assistants etc. to deliver care as per the client’s needs.


Mukat Home Care has 24×7 emergency services with critical care ambulance services. Emergency services are backed by 24×7 Laboratory and imaging services (X-ray and CT Scan). All the patients are headed by senior consultants who have vast clinical experience in their respective fields.