Nurse At Home

Nurse at Home

With an unwavering belief in the potential for positive outcomes, Mukat Home Care dedicates itself to providing steadfast support daily. Our highly qualified nursing team is driven to deliver compassionate home care services to individuals facing diverse health challenges. Our comprehensive services encompass essential medical tasks, such as medical administration and continuous monitoring involving catheterization, oxygen administration, and injections. Beyond that, we extend specialized care for post-surgery recovery, wound management, bedsore prevention, end-of-life support, and crucial emergency life-saving assistance. Our primary goal is to serve as a beacon of hope and invaluable assistance throughout every step of your healthcare journey. Regular checks on blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation.

  • Monitoring vital signs: Regular checks on blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation.
  • Medication management: Ensuring timely administration of medications, monitoring for side effects, and providing education on proper usage.
  • Wound care: Dressing changes, wound assessment, and management to promote healing and prevent infection.
  • IV therapy: Administration of intravenous medications, fluids, or nutrition as prescribed by a healthcare provider.
  • Chronic disease management: Assistance with managing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or respiratory diseases through education, monitoring, and support.
  • Post-operative care: Monitoring incisions, managing pain, and providing assistance with activities of daily living during the recovery period after surgery.
  • Rehabilitation support: Assisting with exercises, mobility training, and rehabilitation activities to promote recovery and independence.
  • Palliative care: Providing comfort and symptom management for patients with terminal illnesses, focusing on improving quality of life and providing emotional support for both patients and their families.