Physiotherapist at Home

At our facility, we are dedicated to offering a specialized approach to physical medicine and rehabilitation, aiming to rectify impairments while enhancing mobility, function, and overall quality of life. Our comprehensive therapeutic interventions prove particularly effective in addressing various conditions, including orthopedic injuries, acute or chronic neck pain such as cervical spondylosis, upper or lower back pains associated with lumbar spondylitis, post-fracture recovery, slipped disc conditions, and post-joint replacement surgeries (e.g., knee, hip). Additionally, our rehabilitation programs cater to pain, swelling, and discomfort management, as well as specific issues like sprains, strains, golfers elbow, and frozen joints. Our commitment lies in providing personalized and comprehensive care to ensure individuals regain independence and experience an improved quality of life through our specialized physical medicine and rehabilitation services.

Physiotherapist at Home
  • Assessment: A thorough evaluation of your physical condition, mobility, and any specific concerns or goals.
  • Treatment Planning: Customized treatment plans tailored to your individual needs, which may include exercises, manual therapy, modalities like ultrasound or electrical stimulation, and education on injury prevention.
  • Exercise Prescription: Personalized exercise programs designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance, aimed at restoring function and reducing pain.
  • Manual Therapy: Hands-on techniques such as massage, joint mobilization, and manipulation to relieve muscle tension, improve joint mobility, and reduce pain.
  • Pain Management: Techniques to alleviate pain, including heat or cold therapy, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), and ergonomic advice.
  • Rehabilitation: Assistance with post-operative rehabilitation, injury recovery, or managing chronic conditions like arthritis or stroke.
  • Education and Support: Guidance on self-management strategies, ergonomic modifications, and lifestyle adjustments to optimize your physical health and well-being.
  • Progress Monitoring: Regular assessments to track your progress, adjust treatment plans as needed, and achieve your rehabilitation goals.